Pediatric Equipment available through Altonaids NorthEast mobility equipment suppliers

Delfi Pro Dynamic Seating

During the first 12 months children develop at an extreme rate. With regards to sitting, most of the basic motor skills are established during this time. If the normal process of development does not take place, early intervention is critical at this stage to prevent further problems.

REAL 9300 - 9400 EL PLUS Childrens Working Chair

Many children with functional disabilities can sit comfortably at a table without extensive support, but they do need a chair with special features. Among others, it must be possible to tilt the seat easily, while at the same time providing stable support for the back and feet. REAL 9300/9400 EL PLUS for children, is the module chair where needs dictate design.

Robby Bather

Use less water. Take it anywhere. Simply practical! Thanks to its low product height, the Robby requires very little water in the bathtub.

Zippie Youngster 3 Wheelchair

Designed for the unique needs of kids, the Youngster 3 provides excellent maneuverability, good front stability and an exceptionally unique look.