Power Chairs available through Altonaids NorthEast mobility equipment suppliers

A200 Power Wheelchair

Whether visiting friends, going away on a trip, or comfortably dining at a restaurant: The Power Wheelchair A200 makes you independent. The A200 can be taken apart in just a few steps so that it even fits into the trunk of a Smart Car.

Alber e-fix Power Wheelchair

With e-fix, the electrical add-on drive for your wheelchair, you can cover longer distances quickly and easily. The conversion is so easy: just swap the drive wheels and install the battery pack and control unit - all done. The motors are neatly concealed within the wheel hubs.

Alber e-motion Power Wheelchair

e-motion merges active mobility with therapeutic benefit. Even wheelchair users with impaired strength can move around independently with the help of e-motion.

Alber Esprit Power Wheelchair

The Esprit Action4 NG lightweight power wheelchair provides all the advantages of driving a power wheelchair indoor and outdoor, without the size and bulk of an average power wheelchair.

B400 Power Wheelchair

The B400 is the perfect everyday companion. It is particularly manoeuvrable and compact. Now the design has been enhanced and new features offer even more functionality.

F5 Corpus VS Power Wheelchair

The F5 Corpus VS is a powerful and durable power wheelchair with a seating system designed to support a varied lifestyle.

Invacare TDX Power Wheelchair

The Invacare TDX is the powerchair for individuals who want functionality, style and choice.

Jazzy Air Powerchair

A real all rounder whether you are at home or about the town the Jazzy Air Powerchair is an attractive power wheelchair that is both versatile and comfortable.

Jazzy Select 6

The Jazzy Select 6 provides exceptional front stability combined with the advantages of in-line motor technology. Active-Trac Suspension and 6" front and rear casters offer excellent performance indoors and out.

Jive M Hybrid Power Wheelchair

The Jive M Hybrid power chair is a combination of Sunrise Medicals bestselling seat and its highest performing base which makes the Jive M Hybrid perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

Juvo power wheelchair

The Juvo power wheelchair allows a large amount of flexibility allowing for complex requirements

Kite Power Wheelchair

The Invacare Kite Power Chair is an outdoor-indoor power wheelchair built to incorporate Invacare's new and patented wheelbase technology. Packed with features, this adaptable power chair comes equipped with Dual Swing Technology

Kymco K-Activ Powerchair

The Kymco K-Activ has multiple adjustments which allow this compact chair to be configured to suit your specific needs.

Mirage Power Wheelchair

The Invacare Mirage is a transportable power wheelchair that provides customers with increased comfort and confidence through its unique balance when driving over uneven surfaces. Its compact design and excellent manoeuvrability gives the Mirage an unrivalled performance indoors.

Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair

The Invacare Pronto M41 is a sleek and highly versatile indoor power wheelchair designed to help you maintain an independent lifestyle. The Pronto M41 powerchair has a wide range of seating options which will cater for a range of complex postural support and comfort needs.

Puma 20 Power Wheelchair

Designed for intensive indoor and outdoor use, the Puma 20 Power Wheelchair is a practical and robust power wheelchair that offers surprisingly good driving characteristics. Front or rear wheel drive, it is easy to drive and control with your choice of renowned electronics.

Puma 40 Power Wheelchair

The Puma 40 Power Wheelchair hasn't become an icon overnight. To stand the test of time, you need to know how to renew, adapt, innovate. Naturally, you expect your power wheelchair to take you wherever you want to go smoothly and comfortably. And offer you all the advanced functions you need for maximum independence in daily life.

Q6 Edge power wheelchair

An attractive looking power chair with a robust design, the Q6 Edge is a popular choice for customers who want a quality engineered power chair.

Quantum 600 and 600 XL Power Wheelchair

The Quantum 600 and 600 XL accept a wide range of seating and electronics options making them fully rehab capable.

Quatum 610 Power Wheelchair

The Quatum 610 Power Wheelchair has a compact design perfect for small spaces and tough enough for king-sized challenges.

Quickie Hula Power Chair

The Quickie Hulas true mid-wheel drive position means it can literally turn on the spot for great manoeuvrability. The flexible Powerchair that revolves around you!

Quickie Jive Power Chair

The first time you experience a Quickie Jive, it all becomes clear. It is a powerchair that effortlessly blends indoor agility with outdoor high performance. Fully customisable and available in a choice of front, rear and mid wheel drive bases, you are sure to find the perfect Jive to meet your needs.

Quickie Salsa Power Chair

The Quickie Salsa Power Wheelchair has excellent indoor manoeuvrability as its mid wheel drive technology delivers an ultra-compact turning radius for superior indoor manoeuvrability.

Quickie Salsa-R2

The Quickie Salsa-R2 is a compact and powerful electric powered wheelchair great for indoor and outdoor use

REAL 6100 Plus Power Chair

Having weak legs you need a versatile chair to enable you to be active whilst seated to improve independence at home, work or in school. The REAL 6100 Plus Power Chair gives you freedom of movement and freedom of choice.

Real Mobil 6100 Power Chair

The Real Mobil 6100 is an electrically powered work chair for indoor use. It is constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, at work or at school.

Spectra XTR 2 Power Wheelchair

The Invacare Spectra XTR 2 Power Wheelchair has been developed to combine powerful driving performance with comfort. High torque motors and a unique suspension design provide a smoother, easier ride. The new Modulite seating system offers unrivalled flexibility and modularity providing a solution for many postural needs. An easy to remove cable free battery system means that the Spectra XTR 2 is extremely quick and simple to service.

Storm 4 X-plore Power Wheelchair

A fantastic all terrain powerchair, the Storm 4 X-plore powerchair is going to make an explorer out of you!