Specialist Seating available through Altonaids NorthEast mobility equipment suppliers

Delfi Pro Dynamic Seating

During the first 12 months children develop at an extreme rate. With regards to sitting, most of the basic motor skills are established during this time. If the normal process of development does not take place, early intervention is critical at this stage to prevent further problems.

Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

Mildly contoured Basic cushion. Designed to stabilise the pelvis, protect the skin and position the body, JAY's comprehensive range of wheelchair cushions are lightweight, low maintenance and can accommodate a wide range of mobility seating requirements.

Jay Easy Visco Wheelchair Cushion

The Jay Easy Visco Wheelchair Cushion has a high level comfort and positioning with mild pressure redistribution.

Jay J3 Wheelchair Backrest

The JAY J3 backrest product line offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client.

Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion

The J3 cushion is an excellent solution for the client at high to extreme risk of skin breakdown who requires lateral and forward/rearward postural stability.

Stimulite Classic Cushion

Designed for people who are at high risk of skin breakdown, the Stimulite Classic cushion provides excellent pressure relief, unsurpassed comfort and exceptional stability.

Stimulite Classic XS Cushion

Created for people with sensitive skin, the StimuLite Classic XS cushion features a soft top layer of specially engineered Stimulite honeycomb fused to two bottom layers.

Stimulite Contoured Cushion

For people who require a higher level of pressure management. A rear dish - featuring a softer honeycomb that contains the ischials and cocyx, provides optimal pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability