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Alber Adventure Power Chair

A fresh idea can lead to the development of something so radically new that it defies comparison. An electric wheelchair with spring suspension is nothing out of the ordinary. It is more the perfect matching of all the chassis components that makes the difference between a mere design concept and real-life functionality.

In the field of electric wheelchairs, ADVENTURE provides levels of driving safety, traction and comfort that were previously unheard of.

Discover for yourself the possibilities offered by a modular wheelchair design. Whether it is the ability to transport it in your car, or the outstanding backup service, ADVENTURE guarantees your mobility and extends it indefinitely.

ADVENTURE was designed for use indoors, on the road and just about anywhere else.

Thanks to the innovative motor design, energy is put back into the batteries when you travel down hill, thus increasing the range. Depending on the type of terrain, you can keep going for up to 40 km/28 miles.

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