Mobility Products - Etac

Etac Balder F280 Junior Power Chair

Equipped with all the same features as its adult counterpart, the Etac Balder F280 powerchair enables children to experience much more both inside and out.

Etac Balder F280 Power Wheelchair

With the Etac Balder F280 Power Chair sitting comfortably at a table, reaching up high and bending down low or simply relaxing in comfort are no longer aspirations but everyday realities.

Etac Balder F290 Childrens Powerchair

Encompassing all the benefits of the adult model, the Etac Balder F290 for childrens most striking feature is its movement from a sitting or lying to a standing position.

Etac Balder F290 Power Wheelchair

The Etac Balder F290 Power Chair allows the user to stand from either a lying or sitting position, in one easily controlled movement.