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Why not visit our North East Mobility Aids showroom on the Team Valley, Gateshead.

There is plenty of parking space and we have a comprehensive range of stock with many of the items on this site appearing in our showroom.

Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat and Sun by Appointment

15 Hadrian Court
Queens Way South
Team Valley Trading Estate

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Vehicle Adaptations - Motability

Each adaption is carefully designed to help you to use your car, improve your mobility and give you a better quality of life. ALTONAIDS MOBILITY LTD is a motability partner and as such we offer free demonstration to ensure you have the right product for your particular needs.   

Wheelchair & Scooter Hoists and Lifts

Lifting and storage of wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs is a problem that you may face on a daily basis however we can help with a range of lifts and hoists that can help you store even larger scooters and wheechairs.

Olympian Hoist

The Olympian Hoist has been specially designed to lift  larger wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs with a range that can lift up to 200kg. The Olympian car hoist is highly adjustable and is capable of lifting a wide range of scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs into your chosen vehicle.

Eco Mini Hoist

Suitable for a variety of estate cars, MPVs, 4 x 4s and a limited range of hatchbacks, the Eco Mini-Hoist is the ideal choice for lifting lightweight scooters and wheelchairs. incredibly simple to use and easily load and unload scooters and standard wheelchairs in seconds.

Vehicle Access/Storage Solutions

We can provide a range of solutions allowing for transfers to or from a vehicle without putting undue strain on the carer/operator or on the person being lifted.

With a range of optional extras and sling sizes & types, lifts can provide an ideal transfer solution for varying levels and types of disability.

Steering Wheel Aids

Designed to be both functional and attractive we supply a range of steering wheel aids that include a quick release mechanism. This makes them ideal for every day use in situations where there is more than one driver of a vehicle.

Easy Release Handbrakes

Specially designed for customers who have difficulty in using the button release of a handbrake. Easy release can allow you to release and apply the hand brake with a minimum of effort if you do not have the strength necessary.

Hand Controls

Allows the hand control user to operate indicators, lights & horn without removing their hand from the hand control. Can include Indicator, Horn and High Low Beam switching

Left Foot Accelerators

Mechanically replicates the standard accelerator pedal with an additional pedal to the left hand side of the brake, allowing a quick transfer for right or left footed driving.

The accelerator pedal is swapped from side to side by folding down the required pedal. The other pedal will fold up out of the way.