• Give your wheelchair a boost and your arms a rest with a power assist attachment

Wheelchair power assist devices

Altonaids Mobility is one of the North Easts leading suppliers of wheelchair power assist devices and we provide a wide range of mobility aids to customers in all areas including Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesborough and Darlington. If you want expert advice on wheelchair power assist devices then please pick up the phone, send an email or visit our show room on the Tyne Valley Trading Estate today.

Alber e-fix wheelchair power assist

A compact and lightweight attachment, the e-fix power assist drive unit can connect to a mobility app for Android and Apple iOS phones.


e-motion M25 wheelchair power assist attachment

A simple and innovative solution to turn almost any wheelchair into a powered chair with two attachments.


e-pilot P15 wheelchair power assist

A great wheelchair power assist device from a leading manufacturer, the e-pilot P15 turns you manual wheelchair into a performance vehicle in seconds.


Empulse F55 wheelchair power front attachment

Convert your manual wheelchair into a powered wheelchair with the Empulse F55 front attachment. Works with a wide range of wheelchairs.


Empulse R20 wheelchair push assistance device

Pushing a wheelchair up and down hill and over long distances can be exhausting but not when you have an Empulse R20 attached.


SmartDrive MX2+ wheelchair power assist

The SmartDrive MS2+ is so lightweight, you don’t even know it's there until you feel the extra power and mobility that this excellent power attachment can provide.


SMOOV One wheelchair power assist - Active/Sports

The perfect wheelchair power assist drive unit for active / sport wheelchair users the SMOOVE One can boost speeds up to 6mph


Twion wheelchair power pack

The Twion wheelchair power assist attachment gives you greater freedom and independence and can boost your assisted speed to over 6 miles per hour.


Viaplus V12 wheelchair power assist pack

Pushing for lengthy periods of time can be difficult for a career and this power assist attachment really helps out.